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Pugliese Projects

Timing Is Everything

In a visionary move, Anthony V. Pugliese, III reacted with lightning speed to acquire one of the largest tracts of land in Central Florida. Rivaling Disney World in size, this prime site of over 61 sq. miles (41,000 acres), 20% larger than the City of Miami is located at Yeehaw Junction (the crossroads of the Florida Turnpike, SR 441 and State Road 60). This astonishing acreage in Southern Osceola County, once a mix of citrus groves and cattle grazing land, sits approximately one hour from both the Orlando and Palm Beach International Airports and Disney World.

"I will be Florida's greatest city...I am your Destiny"
This historic land acquisition will be recorded in the Florida Real Estate journals as one of the most strategic land assemblies since Walt Disney quietly accumulated 27,258 acres in 47 separate transactions over a seven year period in the early 1960's. The Pugliese Company envisions this vast landsite will become the City of Destiny, an eco-sustainable new city for the exploding Florida population. The vision for Destiny includes a Longevity Center along with an advanced research & development and multi-university epicenter that will provide an enhanced quality of life for its citizens and the environment.